M - Club (2008 - 2009)

Production: Multivision Plus - ASTRO

Director: Bandhito

René as Indra (anatgonist)


SCTV Live Action (2008 - 2009)

Production: Indigo - SCTV

Director: Yonghi

René as David (supporting role)


Janji Jaya (2006)

Production: Multivision Plus - Indosiar

Director: Ravi and Revi M.

René Seemann as Dr. Andrew (supporting role)


Janji Jaya 2 (2006 - 2007)

Production: Multivision Plus - Indosiar

Director: Ravi , Revi M. and Emil

René Seemann as Dr. Andrew (supporting role)


Luna Tolong Saya (2006)

Production: PRO-F

Director: Revi

René Seemann as Johan (antagonist)


Cintaku Berat Di Ongkos (2006)

Production: Multivision Plus

Director: Ahmad Yusuf

René Seemann as Soni (antagonist)


Every thursday at 8 pm on SCTV, Ratings up to 5,0%


Cinta Hilang Cinta Kembali (2006)

Production: MNC

Director: Alex Latief

René Seemann as Soleh (leading role)


Jomblo (2005 - 2006)

Production: Avantagrde - Global TV

Director: Wawan and Fandi

René Seemann as David (leading role)


www.Cinta.com (2005)

Production: Rapi Film

Director: Umam

Role: René Seemann as Arya (leading role)



Tersanjung 6/ Adilkah (2005)

Production: Multivision Plus

Director: Vasand und Revi M.

René as Indra (leading role)


Serie is the longest shoot ever in indonesia. René played in the last 13 episodes.

Ratings between 6,5- 9,0%


Topeng (2005)

Production: M. D. Entertainment

Director: Sanjeev

Role: René Seemann as Rudi (leading role)


Me' n My Boyfriend (2004)

Production: Prima Entertainment

Director: Key Mangunsong

Role: René Seemann as Bima (leading role)


13 episodes. Serie was sold to foreign countries. TV 3/ Prime TV (Malaysia)


Cintaku Di Campus Biru 2 (2003- 2004)

Production: Prima Entertainment

Director: Dodi Djanas

Role: René Seemann as Elang (supporting role)


13 episodes were broadcasted on Trans TV.