Between Berlin and Jakarta...


Rene Arie began working as an actor when he was 5 years old, in the theatre production which was directed by the Kung Fu Master Bamabang Tanuwikarya "The Return of Shaolin Temple" side by side with Jürgen Vogel, a very succesful german actor.



Nine years later in 1995 Rene' s family decided to leave Germany with destination Jakarta, the  hometown of Rene' s father.

Here he started a very succesful carrer as photomodel for the indonesian youth print "Aneka".


"That was a very important step to fulfil my dream... becomming an artist!" (Rene Arie Seemann)


Unfortunately this step was interrupted by the renewed return of his whole family to Germany at the end of last millenium.

But he should came back to Jakarta in 2000 for marrying his longstanding girlfriend Stella.


In 2003 Rene Arie Seemann attained a first notable success in Indra Yudhistira' s motion picture "Biarkan Bintang Menari", a Transinema Production. For his role as Pasha, Rene was nominated for the MTV Indonesian Movie Award 2004.


Between 2003 and today René The played 3 motion pictures , more than 20 feature movies and serials additional to very succesful advertisement for "Green Sands", "Unilever- Clear", "Polytron" and "BNI- Bank Negara Indonesia".


Rene also played  in "Mati Kemaren" a Maxima Production.


Since 2010 he lives in Germany and still works as an actor and also as an Music and Video & Film Producer.