Demo Songs, Rene Arie Seemann
Demo Songs, Rene Arie Seemann

My album is ready and out now, finally! 

It was hard work. For a long time I thought about whether I would like to publish anything at all because I am very mentally ill and it´s getting worse.


But like in my song:


I go on, because I have courage! Even if the pointer is halfway and the world has taken everything from me, but I want to love and somehow I still want to live.


The music, my goal to finish this album, gave me the kick to let my emotions run free. I also wanted to show my children that with little and restriction you can still achieve a lot and make your dreams come true.


I hope I can give some inspiration for many people outhere to make there dreams come true, because you have to fight for that.


Hallo Welt by Rene Arie Seemann (Demo Songs!)